What Is Your Favorite Breakfast?

My favorite breakfast to make is simple.  Two eggs cooked over-medium on top of grits sprinkled with cayenne pepper, served with bacon and toast.  What is your favorite breakfast spread?

Leave your comments below and I just might feature the best one!

4 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Breakfast?”

  1. Living in SW Washington state, like I do, and only being less than an hour from the Pacific coast, one of the things I love for breakfast and it probably wouldn’t be known outside of a Pacific Northwest beach town is fried razor clams and hard poached eggs. I also get a side of extra-crispy hash browns which I like mustard and Sriracha or Louisiana hot sauce on…Tabasco works in a pinch…and rye toast with marionberry (another one of our Pac NW gems) jam with real butter. Gimme a huge cup o’ coffee from a Seattle area roaster and we got it goin’ on for brekky around here!

  2. I love eggs for breakfast and usually just have them sunny-side up or scrambled on the crazy weekdays. But when I have time, like on lazy Sunday mornings, I love making a savory breakfast bread pudding where I throw in whatever I have in the fridge (chopped up veggies, cheese, meats) along with leftover Italian or French bread and an egg/milk mixture — then bake. Soooo good. 🙂

  3. About twice per year I get to have my moms biscuits, gravy, and bacon. The best part though is the dessert: simple cocoa gravy poured over the leftover biscuits. This meal counts as both my first and second breakfast.

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