Papa Murphy's Pan Pizza Review

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Papa Murphy’s and MomSelect.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I was recently selected to try Papa Murphy’s new pan pizza and write a review.  I was pretty excited about this because I had never tried Papa Murphy’s before.  I’ll just say this won’t be the last time to visit them!

When I arrived to the store, I looked around and noticed how clean it was.  The pizza making station was setup up almost like a Subway.  You get to watch them make your pizza right in front of you.  My daughter loved that part!

There were several different pizzas that really looked appealing but I was really there to try the new pan pizza.  I ordered a pan pizza and had it topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, and bacon.  Yep.  I went there.

The sales clerk suggested the 2 for $5 sides.  We glanced them over and decided to try the cheese breadsticks and smores dessert.  I didn’t really expect them to be a large amount of food, being just $2.50 each, but they were both the size of pizzas!  The 2 liter sodas were also just $1.50 so we had to purchase one of them as well.  We watched our pizza being made and the employee was very friendly and let use know how to cook the pizza when we got home.

The pizza turned out to be really good.  The crust was crisp and buttery and the toppings were perfect together.  There wasn’t too much sauce on the pizza either.  I noticed when they make the pizza, they use weight when adding the sauce and cheese so they get it right each time.

Being able to enjoy the pizza straight out of the oven was simply great!  I can’t wait for another “cheat day” so we can head back to Papa Murphy’s and try one of their lighter pizzas!


papa murphys pan pizza

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